1974 Porsche ‘Bumblebee’

Recent imported from Arizona.
VIN : 4742914xxx
engine 1.8 liter, not matching
color U1=black/summeryellow ** Bumblebee **
interior 11=leatherette black
dealer St.Louis
invoice Feb.’74
options 567=colored windscreen
652=intermittend wiper control
778=CanAm !
Car runs well. 43.800 miles on instruments
Nice car for an easy restauration.
Information about option 778 CanAm (Wikipedia)
In 1974, Porsche produced a series of Limited Edition cars for the North American market to commemorate Porsche’s victories in the Can Am racing series, and were equipped with individual color schemes and came standard with otherwise optional equipment. The factory is said to have produced about 1,000 of these vehicles, about 50% Bumblebee and 50% Creamsicle. Variants of this series were manufactured and distributed in very limited numbers to European markets and Japan.
The Bumblebee: Featuring a black exterior (paint code L041), these cars sported Sunflower yellow trim (paint code L13K). Black body paint color was always an additional cost special option on standard 914 Porsche cars, but was included as a standard component on the black 914 LE cars. All but one photo of the 914 Porsche Can Am prototype cars are Bumblebee cars. The black-based 914 LE color scheme is specific to the 914 LE cars and has no precedent with the Can Am race cars or the 1973 911 Carrera RS series cars. The majority of 914 Limited Editions seem to be Bumblebees.
All 914 LE cars featured a specially designed front spoiler and negative side stripes. Additionally, all Limited Editions were equipped with front and rear anti sway bars, dual horns, leather covered steering wheel, driving lights, black painted rear roll bar trim, Targa bar vinyl delete, and a center console with an oil temperature gauge, clock, and voltmeter.
This Porsche is at our warehouse in Schijndel (20 km. from Eindhoven), all importduties and VAT have been paid already. All dokuments for obtaining an EU registration are present.


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